Here’s a bit about who we are

The Antigua and Barbuda Free Trade and Processing Zone was established by an Act of Parliament in 1994,
and based on the legal foundation enacted twelve years earlier, which set guidelines for the establishment
of International Business Corporations in Antigua and Barbuda. The Free Zone is administered by a Commission,
empowered by the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act No. 12 of 1994, to function as a private enterprise.

The Free Trade and Processing Zone is part of an initiative undertaken by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda
to diversify the economy of the State. The organization is mandated to attract investment in the areas deemed to
be of priority by the Government for the economic development of Antigua and Barbuda.

Located in the northeastern section of the island adjacent to the coastline, the Zone sits on approximately 100
acres of prime real estate and is in close proximity to V.C Bird International Airport (5 minutes drive) and
St. John’s, the capital city and commercial center of Antigua, where the international seaport, St. John’s Deepwater
Harbour is located 20 minutes drive away.

The four (4) fundamental goals of the Free Trade and Processing Zone are:

  • To ensure that Antigua and Barbuda achieves the Government’s objectives of diversification and export – led growth.
    The objective of diversification includes a reduction in the vulnerability and risk related to a one–crop economy – Tourism,
    and the creation of transfer of technology for a diversified source of employment and foreign exchange.
  • To develop a bi-focal economy and to forge domestic linkages which guarantees sustained and balanced growth.
  • To contribute to the country’s economic growth and development and to ensure efficient utilization specifically
    of the resources of capital and labour.
  • To become internationally renown for excellence in Information Technology, administrative efficiency and related
    services and products.

The Free Trade and Processing Zone is outfitted with the infrastructure for all major utilities. Excellent electricity
and telecommunications systems are in place. The area is not only connected to the national water system provided by the
Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA), but also has a 600,000 imperial gallon (2271 cu/m) underground water reservoir
on the compound which serves as an APUA RO plant which assists the Tango Desalting Plant in servicing the northern section
of the island.